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Helena Demuynck, Transformational Guide for Conscious Women Leaders, pictured alongside the empowering quote 'The question isn’t: who is going to let me? It’s: who is going to stop me?' by Ayn Rand, embodying the spirit of unstoppable leadership and holistic transformation

"The question is not :

who is going to let me?

It is : who is going to stop me?"

— Ayn Rand


Live your Full Potential and Become Extra-Ordinary!


The Early Years

Like many entrepreneurial women, I was driven from a young age to carve my own path. After earning my law degree, I launched my first business at 25. Despite the success, a feeling of unfulfillment lingered, and the relentless pace left my spirit yearning for more.

A New Path Unveiled

I built a recruitment & search business with successes and lots of learnings, and started my coaching practice in 2007. I began with executive and leadership coaching, but soon realized that this approach did not fully resonate with me, nor did it bring the transformation my clients sought. I shifted to a holistic and women-centered approach, witnessing extraordinary, enduring results.

Embracing Nature and Mindfulness

That's when the soothing whispers of nature called me. I discovered the rejuvenating power of meditation and mindfulness to restore balance and harmony. I traded the bustling city life for a quaint farm, cultivating a life intertwined with nature's rhythms. This slower, mindful pace filled my soul, bringing profound insights into supporting others on similar journeys.

Transformation Guide for Conscious Women

Combining these teachings with my professional expertise, I embarked on a mission to guide clients to renew their vitality and reconnect with their purpose. Witnessing their remarkable transformations lit a fire within, affirming my newfound calling.

Creating Spaces for Growth & Breakthroughs

I went on to create retreats, summits, and online programs, welcoming thousands worldwide. By embracing vulnerability and sharing both challenges and victories, I cultivate safe and nurturing spaces for conscious evolution. My woman-centered approach recognizes the innate strength within each individual. With compassion and understanding, we dissolve limiting beliefs and craft sustainability in all life's facets.

A Journey of Continuous Learning

Still today, I focus on leading by example, continually challenging myself on this transformative journey. By living fully present, I deepen my understanding of what it means to thrive with abundance, gratitude, and unwavering service to others.

Your Path to Transformation

In and from the serene embrace of my mountain haven in Andalucía, I invite you to embark on this transformative journey. Together, let's build a life of fulfillment and unstoppable momentum, impacting not only your life but rippling out to your family, organization, and community. Let's ignite a collective fire of abundance, gratitude, and generosity, crafting a harmonious world for every beautiful creature on this earth.

It is my honor to walk alongside souls ready to actualize your true potential. With care, courage, and connection, together we will cultivate a humanity worth living for all.


Helena Demuynck,

Transformation Guide for Conscious Women Leaders

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