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From Aromatherapy to Leadership Excellence: The Essential Oil Rituals Connection

As women leaders, we stand at the forefront of change, navigating the complexities of the business world with grace and determination. However, the journey can be demanding, leaving us searching for ways to strike a harmony between our professional and personal lives. Through my journey, I discovered a powerful truth: we can tap into our inner resources and strengths by adding rituals and routines, such as using essential oils.

Rituals and routines are far from being ordinary habits, for they hold the power to intertwine the very fabric of our existence, granting us stability and a profound sense of purpose. Incorporating essential oils into these rituals infuses them with a powerful and transformative energy that can help us harness our unique strengths as female leaders.

My Personal Essential Oil Rituals

Let me share with you the impact essential oils have had on my personal wellbeing and presence in my coaching work.

Among the vast array of aromatic wonders available, three oils have emerged as my ultimate allies: peppermint, lavender, and citrus. These precious oils have become an indispensable component of my daily routine. Their transformative effects go beyond mere equilibrium and contentment; they also elevate my leadership capabilities.

Every morning, I turn to peppermint as my go-to oil to kick-start the day on a positive note. A few drops in my diffuser during my morning meditation instantly awaken my senses and clear my mind from any lingering doubts or worries. This boost of mental clarity sets the tone for the day ahead, allowing me to approach challenges with renewed focus and unwavering determination.

Lavender, renowned for its calming and soothing effects, has earned a significant place in my evening routine. After long and demanding days filled with focussed coaching, program creation, and decision-making, winding down is crucial for maintaining balance. For the ultimate tranquil experience, I skillfully bring a touch of lavender oil on my pillow, or expertly apply it during a soothing foot massage. As the delightful aroma envelops me, it effortlessly dissolves my worries and welcomes a profound sense of peace. Practicing this helps me sleep better and wake up refreshed and energized for the day.

And when it comes to boosting confidence and creating a positive atmosphere in my workspace, I turn to the vibrant energies of citrus oils, such as lemon and sweet orange. Before each coaching session, or important meetings, or presentations, I apply a diluted blend of these uplifting oils to my pulse points. The radiant fragrance immediately boosts my mood, filling me with a confident sense of self and empowering me to confidently guide and motivate those in my presence.

As a woman leader, I firmly believe that taking care of myself is essential to effectively coaching women leaders. And essential oils have become an integral part of my self-care toolkit.

And what about you?

I'm curious about your experiences too. What essential oils do you use in daily rituals, influencing your wellbeing and leadership?

Do you have a favorite oil for renewed energy and focus, like peppermint does for me? Or does calming lavender help you wind down after a busy day for restful sleep?

Share your essential oil rituals and their impact on your wellbeing in the chat.

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