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From the Head to the Heart: Why Successful Women Need to Start Communicating Emotionally

smiling woman surrounded by hearts

As accomplished women, we often receive accolades for our intellect, work ethic, and analytical prowess. From a young age, we are taught to suppress our genuine emotions and opinions if we want to be perceived as professional and competent leaders in a male-dominated working environment.

However, this approach comes at a price - we deny ourselves the opportunity to form deep connections and truly inspire others. When we disconnect from our authentic selves, our communication feels devoid of passion and sincerity. While people may respect our credentials, they fail to be wholly moved or motivated. 

When we rely solely on facts, directives, and accomplishments to communicate, people only grasp the surface level of who we are. They may hold our skills in high regard, but they lack a true understanding of our essence - and we fail to leave a lasting impression.

To advance our leadership journey, it is imperative that we rediscover our authentic voices. Our real voices carry emotions, vulnerability, and a sincere expression of our deepest passions, rather than just stating facts and data. By communicating from a place of absolute self-expression, we unlock a boundless source of empowerment and influence, paving the way for uncharted territories.

Benefits of Heart-Centered Communication

  • People remember you. By sharing our passions, fears, and what drives us, we make ourselves human and memorable.

  • You lead with empathy. Understanding emotion allows us to motivate and influence others by speaking their language. Facts alone do not inspire change.

  • Deeper connections are built. Vulnerability fosters trust. When we show our soft underbellies, it gives others permission to do the same and relationships strengthen.

Here are some ways to start finding your uninhibited voice again:

  • Take a moment to reflect on your core values and purpose. Dive deep into what truly matters to you and identify what you care deeply about communicating. This self-discovery will serve as your guiding North star, providing clarity and direction in your communication journey.

  • As you embark on this path, consider incorporating vocal exercises into your routine. These exercises help release physical tension and unlock your full vocal range, allowing you to express yourself authentically and with confidence. Remember, our bodies hold valuable clues to unlocking our truest expression.

  • In addition to that, don't be afraid to share vulnerable stories from your own life experiences. By doing so, you allow your humanity to shine through and give others permission to do the same. It's through these authentic connections that we create meaningful and impactful communication.

  • Lastly, challenge any limiting beliefs you may have about "coming across the right way". Remember, you cannot please everyone, so instead, focus on resonating with your target audience through transparency and genuine connection. Embrace your unique voice and let it be a powerful tool in reaching and inspiring those who resonate with your message.

By embracing these practices and nurturing your communication skills, you'll be well on your way to becoming a compelling and impactful communicator.

Let your voice rise up, ringing with confidence that only authenticity can cultivate. Lead from this place of shared humanity and watch your impact grow exponentially. Your message deserves to be delivered through the vehicle of your truest, most empowered self.


I invite you to join me this coming Monday, January 22 at 7 PM CET | 10 AM PT for a special LinkedInLive4WomenLeaders session called "From Head to Heart: Communicate With full Impact by Connecting to Your True Self."

I'll be discussing these important topics with famous singer-songwriter and voice coach Bea Palya. She has worked with many high-profile celebrities and leaders to help them discover their true voices and will share insights and exercises we can all apply. 

This is your chance to directly ask questions, get feedback on your own vocal challenges, and learn how to start communicating from a place of full empowerment. It's time to reclaim your authentic power and let your message be delivered through the vehicle of your most inspiring self. I hope to see you there! Register via this link.



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