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Overcoming Your Support Deficit: Why We Need Each Other

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

For a long time, I resisted the idea of joining women's support groups. As someone who prides herself on her independence, the thought of needing other people felt foreign and scary. But in hindsight, going it alone left me isolated and unable to achieve my full potential.

It wasn't until a pivotal moment that I realized we cannot become our best selves alone - thriving and making an impact is a team sport, not a solo race. Most of us have spent years struggling in isolation, trying to break free from old patterns and launch our creativity into the world. While some of us have supportive loved ones, that inner voice tells us our growth is a personal problem to tackle alone. But beating ourselves up for lack of progress gets us nowhere.

The truth is, there is a particular kind of support that empowers us to step into our destiny. Coming together with shared vision and intention amplifies our power exponentially. Research shows groups with collective goals are six times more likely to manifest what they focus on.

It's not just any support that sparks this effect - we need "Power Partners" holding the vision of who we are becoming. Those who feed our power and encourage us to evolve. Finding women committed to personal growth who will serve as this for each other is challenging.

That's why I created the herSpace community - a global network of conscious women providing the necessary support long missing from our lives. Within this brave space, you'll discover how to forge partnerships that supercharge your abilities. No more struggling alone - it's time to unlock your power through the nurturing relationships we all deserve.

Don't let lack of support hold you back any longer. Join me and other inspiring women in herSpace to finally access what you need to thrive. The time has come to step fully into your gifts.

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