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The Art of Conversational Intelligence®: A Vital Skill for High-Achieving Women

Two women talking and communication above their heads

As a transformation guide for smart, conscious, high-achieving women, I've uncovered a pivotal element in shattering your inner glass ceiling and finding life fulfillment: Conversational Intelligence®.

It's more than just talk; it's about creating unstoppable momentum in every aspect of your life.

So, let's delve into a couple of questions that might resonate with you. How satisfied are you with the quality of your conversations? Are they productive, fulfilling, and do they lead to the outcomes you desire? And here's an intriguing thought: What if we could refine our conversational skills to such a degree that misunderstandings, conflicts, and the conversational missteps that plague 9 out of 10 interactions became a rarity?

Think about it – conversations are the backbone of our relationships, both personally and professionally. They shape our reality, influence our emotions, and dictate our success. Yet, how often do we find ourselves in dialogue that feels like dodging garden snakes in the grass, unexpected and startling?

Judith E. Glaser's groundbreaking work in her book "Conversational Intelligence" offers a transformative perspective. Conversations, according to Glaser, have the power to activate our "next generation DNA," enabling us to navigate our inner and outer worlds with others more effectively. This doesn't just apply to the boardroom or negotiation table, but to every interaction that matters in our lives.

What Is Conversational Intelligence®?

Conversational Intelligence® or C-IQ goes beyond mere words. It encompasses the full experience of interaction, including the spaces between words, the timing, and the ripples of influence that extend beyond the moment. C-IQ means being deeply attuned to the multi-dimensional aspects of dialogue and understanding how our words can activate trust, partnership, and shared success.

The Concept in 2 Lines

Glaser introduces three levels of conversational engagement. The magic happens at Level III, where conversations transcend the transactional and become transformational. This is where trust is built, resistance is overcome, and true collaboration begins.

To help us navigate and enhance our conversational acumen, Glaser presents the 7 conversational essentials. By embracing the 7 conversational essentials, you'll begin to see a shift in your interactions. You'll move from a place of fear to co-creation, from needing to be right to mapping out shared success, and from groupthink to genuine group cohesion.

Why C-IQ Matters

For high-achieving women, cultivating C-IQ is not just a skill, it's an essential tool for leadership and life fulfillment. It's about building an environment where ideas can thrive, where trust is the foundation, and where the collective goal is not about being right, but about achieving the best possible outcomes.

C-IQ is the key to unlocking your potential and driving the change you wish to see in your world. It allows you to move from individual success to collective achievement, from isolation to collaboration, and from stagnation to innovation.

Join the Conversation

Are you ready to be part of a conversation that's not just heard but felt and acted upon? I'm extending an invitation to an event that's all about leveraging the power of dialogue to drive meaningful change.

The event, "Navigating the Gender Dialogue: A Roadmap Through Conversational Intelligence,", organized by Global Wo.Men Hub is a space for thinkers, leaders, and anyone eager to connect more deeply through conversation—women and men alike. I will introduce you to the principles and practices of C-IQ so you can experience them and implement them in your conversations.

Save the Date: 

  • Date: Thu 29 Feb 2024 

  • Time: 12:00 - 13:15 CET 

  • Duration: 55 minutes of engaging discussion (30-minute presentation + 25-minute interactive Q&A)

Register now and step into a world where every conversation is an opportunity to connect, grow, and thrive—one trusting dialogue at a time.


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